Molecule Systems and RCT Power Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Battery Storage Solutions with Advanced Energy Management System

Los Angeles, July 11, 2024 – Molecule Systems, a leader in energy management solutions, and RCT Power, an internationally renowned battery storage manufacture, are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration in the U.S. to integrate Molecule’s advanced energy management system, MosEMS, into RCT Power’s battery storage solutions. This partnership aims to provide seamless transitions between on-grid economic optimization and off-grid resiliency, while also enabling participation in Virtual Power Plant (VPP) market events.

Dean Stiger, Vice President of Sales at RCT Power USA, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We’re super excited to equip our developer customers with the tools they need to ensure that their battery storage solutions serve the unique needs of every project. By leveraging Molecule’s modern, flexible, and intelligent software platform, we can significantly enhance the value we deliver to our clients.”

Dean Stiger also highlights the strategic importance of seamless integration with energy markets: “Today’s battery storage systems demand seamless integration with energy markets to optimize efficiency and accelerate grid decarbonization. That’s why we have partnered with Molecule Systems for their integrated advanced EMS and VPP capabilities. With a simple button toggle, our customers can potentially access any VPP market, confidently unlocking incentives and gaining a decisive edge in the energy storage market.”

The MosEMS+VPP service available on the Molecule Systems Platform is designed to prevent resource contention by ensuring that batteries are fully charged and ready for scheduled dispatch during grid events. This innovative system allows RCT Power’s battery storage systems to maximize customer value by adapting dynamically to both economic and resiliency needs.

“Our partnership with RCT Power marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing battery storage integration into energy projects and VPP market opportunities. Together, we pledge enhanced flexibility, intelligence, and market responsiveness, crucial elements in navigating today’s dynamic energy landscape.” – Adam Boucher, CEO of Molecule Systems.

About Molecule Systems
Molecule Systems offers a comprehensive energy management platform for integrating and optimizing DERs and VPPs, providing scalable solutions for OEMs, developers, and utility-scale assets to enhance grid stability and optimize system performance.

About RCT Power
Originally founded in Germany, RCT Power is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality battery storage systems, specialized in innovative solutions for commercial and residential applications that support the transition to renewable energy.