• THREE MAIN REASONS TO USE LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE BATTERIES FOR STORAGE Which battery cells are best suited for battery storage systems? At RCT Power, we have utilized lithium iron phosphate, also known as LiFePO4 or LFP, for our battery units from the beginning. There are three main reasons for [...]

  • TIPS FOR BUYING A POWER STORAGE UNIT If you own a photovoltaic system and would like to use the generated electricity more efficiently, you should consider buying a power storage unit. With a power storage unit you relieve the stress on the electricity grid and actively support the energy [...]

  • SUSTAINABILITY MADE SIMPLE: 7 HOW-TO TIPS Sustainability is the core element of our philosophy. We are convinced that solar energy is sustainable, but switching to solar power is only one step towards a sustainable lifestyle. You have to change your daily routines bit by bit. And solar [...]

  • SELECTING THE BATTERY TECHNOLOGY FOR PV-STORAGE SYSTEMS Is it conceivable that our ancestors already knew about the great importance of batteries and power storage devices?
 Archaeologists believe that the three artefacts – a ceramic clay jar, a tube of copper and an iron rod – that were found together [...]

  • SOLAR POWER STORAGE: USE SOLAR POWER FLEXIBLY Photovoltaic systems can be mounted on every modern roof. Add a solar storage unit and you can realize the full potential of your solar modules. What are solar power storage units? Generally speaking, a solar power storage unit is a battery, an [...]